Our Story

Your home is the greatest reflection of who you are.

We, @ Celson, truly believe in this.

Started in 2018, by a wife and mother of one, Celson has been her second child and her motivation to work hard to help enhance the beauty of our customer’s abode.

Sonam grew up in a town in Uttar Pradesh, India where she lived with her family and completed her graduation. Growing up closer to nature and amidst the local arts, she always had a special interest in designs and colors.  The same is reflected in her love for singing, painting, sketching and home styling.

Her talent and aspirations took wings when she moved to Delhi, the capital of India, to complete her post-graduation in merchandising and designing. She started her career in bringing the best of Indian furniture & home styling goods to the world. She worked with the best in the industry across the globe which helped polish the business know how of the furniture industry.

After spending nearly a decade in the field, she moved to Singapore with her family and Celson was born.

Team Celson believes  that they could bring good quality hand crafted products to every home at an honest price and thus, began their journey of exploring, sourcing and procuring the best pieces of furniture and accessories from global markets which matched their requirement of great finish, looks and durability.

As her clientele increased, Sonam realized that she needed to expand her services to customize as per the client’s requirement, taste and preference and this was another milestone for her, which she achieved successfully.

Since its inception in 2018, Celson has helped several clients in bringing their dream furniture pieces to life. Team Celson strives for nothing but excellence.

As Sonam says’ “Every home is unique and every person has a different vision and picture of what their perfect home would look like. If Celson can help them complete this picture, we know we’ve done our job well.”

With a founder who personifies passion and sincerity like her, you know you’re being served by the best when you choose Celson.