Lari Copper Mug Barrel Hammered 16 oz

Lari Copper Mug Barrel Hammered 16 oz

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Whether you use it to serve cocktails & mocktails or just as a show piece on your bar, a copper mug is a must have in any house hold!

Material - Pure Copper 

Mug capacity  - 16oz

Daily Care:

Clean the mugs with mild soap and water. Copper mugs and glasses are not dishwasher safe, Do not leave your drink in mug overnight to avoid stains 

How to clean:

Vinegar and salt are excellent for cleaning copper because acidic vinegar can strip tarnish and abrasive salt helps to remove any of the built-up debris.

Pure Copper Tarnish:

As a metal pure material 100% copper will naturally tarnish after use.

Because it reacts with oxygen in the air, and then patina (marks) appears.
Those marks will be in various colors and shapes, depending on weather water involves in that reaction or not.

"We do customization. For special bulk order, please contact us via mail."